Intelligence Command Center
CEIEC Intelligence Command Center Solution provides multi-scenario applications, such as public security situation analysis, intelligent case investigation, suspected target surveillance, and crime prevention etc., and realizes the detection and monitoring of potential criminals based on intelligent applications of multi-source data via advanced technologies such as big data, knowledge graph and artificial intelligence, in order to increase case detection rate, reduce crime rate, and create a new generation of integrated, efficient and intelligent police operation system.
Situation Awareness
Perform statistical analysis and prediction based on incident data collected from police systems, and execute in-depth analysis on these data from multiple perspectives and dimensions to extract important information hidden in the myriads of data and help commanders understand the current public security situation quickly and assist them with decision-making.
Multidimensional Perception
The trajectories of target can be illustrated on GIS map by fusion analysis of the data collected from various intelligent sensors to help users find out the track of the target and other accompanied targets. Users can perform surveillance to these accompanied targets. When a target triggers the alarm rules set by the users, an alarm will be generated from the system and pushed to the users.
Aggregative Search
Perform cleaning and indexing to the data in each police system, and achieve a unified federated search across systems and data resources, helping users quickly locate the required information from mass data. The federated search function provides multiple search methods, such as global search, resource search, field search, etc.
Case Investigation
Analyze case clues through case labelling, case profiles, case association, data collision, network analysis to find out similar cases, mine hidden clues and detect criminal process, in order to help police quickly detect cases.
Blacklist Control
Classify blacklisted personnel with tags, and set up profiles for personnel, vehicles, and mobile phones. The personnel profiles consist of their basic information, criminal records, personal assets, major events, and the analysis reports about their relationships, behaviors, trajectories, and habits.
Decision-Making Support
Case Investigation
Target Control
Crime Prevention
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