Digital Identity
As the world’s population continues to increase, we provide more secure and efficient identity documents and solutions to protect and benefit every individual in our client country. No matter what type of documents: eID card, ePassport book, driver license, election card; no matter where you use it: domestic, overseas, online, on your smart phone. You will find that our solutions protect the most basic rights of every citizen, and also help the government to upgrade their management capacity and homeland security level. We also provide the national population database, biometric identification service, big data sharing platforms not only to connect every citizen but also build the safe and trusted connection between people and their government. We will accompany you to create a safer and better world.
#1 in Asia-Pacific
CEC Group is the NO.1 prime contractor for national ID/travel document project in Asia-Pacific region.
Top 3 in Security & Data Center
CEIEC holds the leading position in public security and national data center construction area.
1.5 Billion
40 Million
10 Billion
CEIEC delivers complete End-to-End solutions to our customers, from concept design to physical proven. We have specific solutions and systems to support different identity and traverler documents, include but not limited to: national ID card, ePassport, driving licences, election card, social security card.
National ID cards
Driver's license
Election cards
As a member of CEC Group, we has strong ability to design and produce our own IC Chips, which could embedded in any smart cards. Our annual shipment is about 2 billion pcs and our accumulated shipment is more than 14 billion pcs. We help our customers collect, build the National Biometric Database which include palm, fingerprints, facial image etc. Our ABIS comply to ICAO, NIST standards and capable to conduct 1:1, 1:N comparison. We also provide the corresponding hardware include: fingerprints scanner etc.
CEIEC’s software solution for the secure management, personalization, encoding, PKI system and storage of citizen identity data that allows governments to record, validate, retrieve, update, certify and issue documents to citizens. We also provide big data analysis platform which could be widely used in the field of government decision-making. The platform could summarize the basic national conditions such as economy and population behavior. The platform could improve government decision-making efficiency and reducing decision-making risks and enhance the level of government governance.
Success Case
New Biometric National eID Card for Angola
In early 2017, CEIEC started our mission in Angola to deliver the new Biometric eID cards to their citizens including all the supporting system and construction of the ABIS system, PKI, data center, biometrics collection site, issuance office and personalization factory. As of 2018, CEIEC not only completed the data migration, but also used the big data platform to integrate the data from various departments, which provided the foundation for e-government of Angola.
Key Figures
One national population data center & One national DR center
Biometric collection sites across the country
eID card personalization production lines
7 Million
New eID cards for the Angola citizens
Develop first-class integration capabilities and create an outstanding international group
the CEIEC Corporate Vision
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