Intelligent City Transportation
CEIEC Intelligent City Transportation Solution adopts video, artificial intelligence and big data technologies to provide professional, reliable and cutting-edge applications for traffic management department, such as high-definition video surveillance, vehicle detection and control, off-site law enforcement and traffic flow analysis. These help customers to understand real-time traffic situation better, crack down on traffic violations more effectively, solve traffic congest problems more reasonably and analyze traffic information faster and smarter, making the city traffic more secure, efficient, convenient and green.
Strong Violation Detection Capability
We focus on advanced intelligent analysis and measuring technology to accurately identify traffic violations such as over speed, over speed within specific area, license plate restriction, time-limited restriction and one-way restriction.
All-round Analysis of Vehicle Features
A full range of vehicle information are identified by using advanced video structuring technology, such as license plate, vehicle body color, plate color, vehicle type, vehicle brand, vehicle model, sun visor, tissue box, driver and passenger face.
Decentralize traffic flow intelligently
Analyze the massive data of traffic situation in real time, predict the traffic trends and provide the guidance for traffic flows to optimize and ease the traffic congestion effectively.
Abundant Vehicle Analysis Methods
Provide intelligent vehicle analysis tools such as vehicle control, searching vehicle by features, searching vehicle by images, searching peer vehicle, searching hidden vehicle, staying point analysis, track analysis, fake plate vehicle analysis and vehicle file.
High-definition Video Surveillance
Provide high-definition surveillance and video record for urban traffic of any areas at any time, making it more convenience to get real-time traffic situation and playback important events.
Open for Integration
Support integration with vehicle management system or violation and ticketing system of the third-party.
Governance of Traffic Violations
Traffic Flow Planning
Vehicle Detection and Control
Develop first-class integration capabilities and create an outstanding international group
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