Intelligent City Surveillance
Based on the concept of three-dimensional prevention and control, CEIEC designs Intelligent City Surveillance Solution to provide full coverage surveillance for city security. Combined with practical experience, it provides intelligent video applications such as face and vehicle recognition, key personnel control and management of vehicles and incidents, etc. These applications can reduce crime and improve detection rate effectively, thereby improving the public security and government's prestige.
One-stop Services
CEIEC Intelligent City Surveillance Solution takes video surveillance as the core and integrates Vehicle Analysis, Face Recognition and Emergency Alarm Modules. It provides software and hardware products and technical services that can fully meet customer business needs, including cameras, platform software systems and supporting facilities that meet various scenarios, so that one-stop services can be offered to customers, thereby eliminating the risks and uncertainties caused by integration of several systems and improving user experience greatly.
Full Business Process Coverage
CEIEC Intelligent City Surveillance Solution covers full business processes including camera access, data transmission, data storage, data processing and business application, etc. Advanced integration technology is applied to integrate a variety of third-part systems deeply, establishing a comprehensive urban intelligent security system for customers.
Power with AI
CEIEC adopts self-developed and cutting-edge AI algorithms for intelligent video analysis, and makes full use of domestic and overseas experience in projects to realize efficient and accurate identification of people, vehicles and objects. It supports accurate face recognition for people of different countries and skins and adapts to various application scenarios flexibly. Plate, model, color and other detailed features of vehicles of different countries can be identified and analyzed accurately. The behavior-based analysis algorithm provides a series of intelligent analysis applications for abnormal behavior. Therefore, video surveillance system with AI could be more efficient, intelligent and powerful.
Multi-level Interconnection of Distributed Systems
The system supports multi-level platform interconnection, and can be deployed flexibly according to actual organizational structure of user. Distributed large-scale video surveillance management system is established to meet control needs of multi-level and multi-domain project.
Prevention and Control
Investigation and Case Solving
City Governance
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