Intelligent City Security
The CEIEC Intelligent City Security Solution follows uniform standards and adopts advanced technology, providing public security departments with outstanding applications, which are stable, reliable, secure and flexible to expand. It aims to meet the customers’ needs of information construction for public security, and provide the ability of fast response to combat crime effectively, upgrading city management of public security to digitalization, automation and intelligence.
Flexible and Modular Designed
Adhering to the efficient design concept of lightweight software, functional modularity and flexible configuration, our solution can meet the needs of different business models and city sizes.
Visual Command and Dispatch
All-round and three-dimensional a visual command system with GIS is provided for real-time tracking, video surveillance, collaborative plotting, situation analysis and dynamic deduction.
Through integration with a variety of systems and data source, intercommunication of various users and devices is realized, which greatly improves the user experience.
Intelligent Mobile Police Affair System
Provide police affair information services for frontline police officers, including patrol management, police affair information search, police affair handling, multimedia feedback, face and vehicle recognition, and video surveillance.
Commanding and Disposal
Prevention and Control
City Governance
Develop first-class integration capabilities and create an outstanding international group
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