Smart Campus
CEIEC Smart Campus Solution focuses on safety risk control, emergency disposal and comprehensive operation. We adopt IoT, Al, intelligent security, big data and mobile internet technology to integrate a variety of data sources and offer a comprehensive and real-time over-view of the campus, making campus administration more comprehensive, automated, intelligent and effective.
Face Access Control
Senseless access by face with millisecond response. Biometric recognition technology adopted to prevent spoof attacks by means of videos or pictures.
Vehicle Management
License plates recognition technology is applied to accurately record the information of vehicle accessing the campus.
Area Control
The access authority could be granted to each floor and entrance individually. Real-time alarm for illegal intrusion.
Analysis of Abnormal Behaviors
Real-time analysis of abnormal behaviors such as regional intrusion, personnel gathering, or leaving the post. Alarm in case of any abnormal behavior.
Intelligent Warning
Intelligent warning cameras installed around the campus can detect intruders, then send out warning and launch laser beam automatically to dispel the intruders.
Military Base
Enterprise Park
Government Park
Smart Campus
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