CEIEC envisions a better and safer future for the world. We are persistently dedicated to national defense solutions and services to safeguard state sovereignty and territorial integrity and maintain regional sustainability. Over the years, CEIEC have enabled foreign governments, military and security departments to enhance their defense and national security. Our clients have placed their trust in CEIEC in ensuring national security, tactical superiority and strategic independence in the face of sovereignty threat. With decades of experience in the industry, we consistently develop edge-cutting technologies for the most challenging missions. We excel in delivering agile, innovative, and data-driven services of defense applications and supplying all branches of armed forces with a variety of national territorial defense solutions combined with the latest information technology, helping them to maximize their investment value.
We make seamless command and control possible with the C4ISR system that collects and shares data and information more efficiently and safely to enable rapid and effective mission planning and execution. CEIEC provides C4I solutions in both strategic and tactical scenarios that enhance situational awareness and operational efficiency. As a result, we enable armed forces to gain superiority over adversaries in an ever-changing combat environments, to improve system interoperability, and enhance operational effectiveness and efficiency. Over four decades of experience, CEIEC’s continuous commitment to innovation greatly facilitates our clients’ readiness for new missions and challenges. Our C4I solutions provide different functions to support command and control. The C4I system collects real-time information and provides situational report in the whole picture on the battlefield, thus enabling effective decisions-making and providing tactical support for warfighters on the field.
Electronic Warfare
The electromagnetic spectrum pervades every aspect of the modern warfare. There is no success on the ground, at sea or in the air without dominating the airwaves. With the understanding for the complex substance and strategic importance of electromagnetic spectrum operations, CEIEC continuously innovate and improve the strategic solutions in Electronic Warfare. Electronic Warfare (EW) entails the ability to use the electromagnetic spectrum (signals such as radio, infrared or radar), to sense, protect, and communicate. At the same time, it can be used to undermine adversaries’ ability to either disrupt or use these signals. CEIEC delivers proven technologies and functional capabilities that enhance real-time situational awareness, enabling the armed forces to intercept signals that identify both imminent and potential threats. In this way, we provide our clients with the capability to tackle complex and ever-changing future threats and to harness the electro-magnetic spectrum for a persistent tactical advantage.
Passive Detection Station
Communication Jamming Station
Long-range Detection Radar Jamming Station
Portable Radar Jammer
Radar Reconnaissance Station
Airborne Multi-function Radar Jamming Station
Army ECM Station
Over the years, there have been increasing threats to both military and civilians in terms of diversity and intensity. In light of this, we need sophisticated radar system that can provide support for various mission types and adapt to new tactical environment. In surveillance and reconnaissance area, our mission is to see the unseen and make possible the impossible. CEIEC provides different types of radar system for air defense, surveillance, target indication, identification, precise tracking, and weapon control, as well as multi-functional radars for airborne/ship-borne/ground-based platforms, to enable comprehensive situational awareness to tackle all possible threats. Adapting to the changing requirements of defense market, our advanced radar systems support a multitude of military operation missions in law enforcement and homeland security.
Long Range Air Surveillance Radar
Medium Range Surveillance Radar
Low-to-medium Altitude Surveillance Gap-filling Radar
Counter-battery And Battlefield Surveillance Radar
Anti-stealth Surveillance Radar
Coastal Surveillance Radar
In an unpredictable and fast-changing world, mission-critical communications network and infrastructures have proven to be pivotal and required more broadband, mobility, interoperability and security. We provide our customers with full frequency band wireless transceivers, wire cables, switches, and encryption terminals for air-borne/ship-borne/ground-based/man-pack/hand-held applications. Putting together teams of unique expertise and talents, we deliver advanced communication solutions that ensure information flows to the right place at the right time. Across vast distances, through dangerous terrain, and in any domain, we always secure voice and data communications and always stay connected.
Manpack VHF Narrow-band High-speed Radio
Manpack HF Frequency Hopping Radio
Handheld VHF Frequency Hopping Radio
1KW HF Communication System
Vehicular VHF Narrow-band High-speed Radio
Vehicular HF Frequency Hopping Radio
Vehicular Multi-band SDR
Transportable VLF Communication System
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