C4I Modular Data Center
CEIEC C4I Modular Data Center is a new generation C4I command center which integrates business software, application servers, power and environment system and provides functions such as integrated communication, computer-aided dispatch, video surveillance, face recognition, vehicle recognition, etc. These functions enable rapid deployment and highly-efficient operation & maintenance, thereby lowering costs and minimizes difficulties in construction of a command center of such standard.
C4I Data Center M1
Customized for applications for a population of 300 thousands
Support 100 online users, maximum concurrent service is 20
Support 72-channel face capture cameras or 36-channel video streaming
Support 64-channel vehicle capture cameras or 20-channel video streaming
C4I Data Center M2
Customized for applications for a population of 1 million
Support 200 online users, maximum concurrent service is 60
Support 100-channel face capture cameras or 50-channel video streaming
Support 100-channel vehicle capture cameras or 30-channel video streaming
Features of CEMAX C4I Data Center
Simplified Design
Hardware simplification, software lightweight and function modularization. Construction cycle is shortened beyond 80%.
Ability Integration
Integrate all police business application, including CAD system, video surveillance, intelligent analysis, integrated communication and other services.
High-efficiency and Energy-saving
Totally-enclosed highly integrating system with cooling system, cabling system and power system. Single cabinet covers an area of only 0.72㎡.
Visualized Operation & Maintenance
Visualized operation & maintenance tools adopted; Unattended operation for 365 days × 24 hours. Lower operation & maintenance cost.
Command Data Center of All Sizes
Develop first-class integration capabilities and create an outstanding international group
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